Coils, pods and tanks all you need to know

A coil is a heating element that is typically cylinder shaped. The coil is in many cases also called a “burner”.

It is the coil together with the battery and the e-liquid that produces the steam.

In short, a coil consists of a metal sheath, cotton wool to absorb the e-liquid and a filament that heats the e-liquid up to steam.

A coil typically lasts 7-14 days (varies according to consumption). The characteristics for when to change coil are:

  •  – Less steam than “normal”
  •  – Neutral taste
  •  – Taste of burnt cotton wool

Temperature control has gained ground in recent times, and is now something you have to take seriously but mainly if you are purchasing a DL (direct to lung device) Temperature control requires special coils which are made of either SS (Stainless steel), Ni (Nickel) or Ti (Titanium). You cannot control the temperature with ordinary Kanthal coils.

When inserting these coils, it is important that you choose the right setting for your e-cigarette.

SS (stainless steel) coils

SS coils provide a cleaner taste and they can be used for both temperature control and ordinary watt control. This gives several options to set your e-cigarette according to what you like best.

Ni (nickel) coils

Nickel coils are what are typically used for temperature control. With nickel coils it’s easy  to measure the heat and therefore you can control this type of coil the most accurately. Nickel coils often have a very low resistance.

Ti (titanium) coils

Titanium coils are also only used with temperature control devices as they must not get too hot. Therefore, it is important to always monitor closely the temperature of these coils, as they can easily start to give a burnt taste. Titanium coils often have a somewhat higher resistance than Ni, which can give a more cooling steam which some people enjoy because they do not heat up quite as quickly. At the same time, this however means that they do not hit the back of your throat quite as hard from the start, and therefore work best with longer suction.

Juice holes

In all coils there are juice holes. These are the holes that allow the juice to penetrate into the coil. The larger these juice holes are, the more liquid can get into the coil, and that means you can use your device on a higher wattage. The size of the holes also determines the thickness of the liquid you can use I.E. the lager the juice holes the thicker the liquid you can use with it.


There is a big difference in how long the individual coil lasts. Most coils last between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on how much you use them. However, there are other factors that come into play when talking about the durability for coils. It is crucial to use the right liquid with your coil.. If you use a liquid that is too thick or very sweet liquids the life of the coil will be shorter. 


Coils with many different resistors are available. The resistance usually has something to do with how much steam a coil produces and how many watts it can handle. A good rule of thumb is – the lower the ohm, the higher the wattage and the more steam it also produces. The same is true the other way around.

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