Different types of e-cigarettes

All-in-One devices (AiO)

AiO stands for All-in-One, which means that battery and tank are in one. These have been the post popluar e-cigarettes for many years as they are simple to use and small Since

On these models, there is typically a power / fire button on the battery and a tank at the top in which the liquid is filled.

Battery life varies slightly depending on the model, but most can go one to two days  between charges (depending on useage) These types of e-cigarettes almost always  use thinner e-liquids (max. 50VG).

Inside the tank is the coil, which normally lasts between. 10-14 days (also varies according to consumption). Changes in the coil that tell you its time to change it include reduced vapour no or burnt taste

 Virtually all AiO models are mouth to lung which is the same way you smoke a traditional cigarette.

The only things to buy next to the e-cigarette itself are extra coils / burners and e-liquid.

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Box mods / box mod kits

A box mod is a battery part or a mod (may contain separate batteries). A Box mod kit, is a battery / mod and a tank on top.

Box mods are typically larger than both AiO and pod models. They can come in many shapes, though often square. A box mod is suitable for both the beginner and the experienced steamer. On many box mods, there is a display, which i.a. shows battery indicator, ohms and watts. This allows you to adjust how many watts the e-cigarette work at which means you can adjust the power of the e-cigarette to suit your individual taste and volume of vapour it produces

Some box mods do not include a built-in battery therefore when choosing one you should always check if it requires a separate battery and charger.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced, several setting options, good battery life, replaceable batteries

Some are large in size, cost more than AiO and pod e-cigarettes

Pod systems

A pod system e-cigarette is reminiscent of the AiO models in several ways. A pod system consists of a battery part and a pod (tank and coil). They typically come with a built-in battery.

Battery capacity is often relatively small, as the physical size of a pod devices

is not very large. With pod systems the coil is built into the tank so it is replaced automatically each time you replace the pod.

This makes a pod system simpler to use than all other systems.

The vaping experience is very similar to cigarettes and other AiO models. Most pod systems also use thin fluid (max. 50VG). Virtually all pod systems are mouth to lung which is the same way you smoke a traditional cigarette.

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Pocket-friendly size, very simple to use, easy replacement of pod, good for beginners as well as practiced, cigarette similar. steam experience

Battery capacity, battery replacement is not possible, limitation of fluid variants

We ensure the highest quality

When you buy e-liquids from us, you can rest assured that all the ingredients are natural and all the requirements of the European Tobacco Products Directive are met.

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Our standard e-liquids come in 10 ml bottles. The boxes contain relevant information about the specific e-liquid, such as nicotine strength, expiration date and content declaration.

All our INSANO e-liquids are 70% PG and 30% VG.